Sunday, January 10, 2016

Zwischenwelt Telekinesis video, Noether Symmetry and more

There is a new video for 'Telekinesis (Nina Kulagina)' by Zwischenwelt (video was developed by Heinrich Mueller & Beta Evers) which is a track included on their album. It was posted on member Beta Evers channel and she states that a 12" vinyl is to be released on Clone Aqualung in 2016. I'm not 100% sure if she means a new 12" single including 'Telekinesis' or is simply referring to the vinyl of their album, Paranormale Activitat, which is due to be reissued by Clone soon. Hopefully there will be some new material as well if it is the former, time will tell.

Over on Aphex Twin's Soundcloud he has been posting YouTube links to some of his favourite tracks and the latest one was the Dopplereffekt and Visonia collaboration, 'Die Riesen', from 2013. He has spoken in the past of wanting to collaborate with Heinrich Mueller. His incredible list of tracks can be viewed and watched at this link.

I missed this insightful article until now (it has some great music selections too) from last year by Antoin Lindsay for Thump to mark the 13th anniversary of James Stinson's passing.

For me one of the most mysterious and unresolved rabbit holes in the Heinrich Mueller multiverse remains Noether Symmetry. While it's quite possible he had nothing to do with this short lived 2009 MySpace project, at the time it certainly appeared to me to have many of the hallmarks of Mueller involvement and to be following a similar path to Black Replica, Zwischenwelt, Zerkalo and Daughter Produkt (his other collaborative MySpace projects of the time). Noether Symmetry never used his name or tried to hoax fans but their aesthetic and the remarkably familiar production and sheer quality of their tracks was the most obvious connections for me to Mueller. When its MySpace page was suddenly deleted in 2010 the music disappeared from the internet and as time passed it looked like no one had copied it to share elsewhere. I went searching a few days ago and found all 4 tracks hidden away with very few plays on a YouTube channel since Jan 2014 (links below).

Regardless of whether Mueller had direct or indirect involvement or was somehow associated or not, the music continues to sound incredibly good in my opinion. 'Geiger Count' most obviously sounds like Japanese Telecom circa Virtual Geisha and 'Half Life', with its female vocal, reminds me of Zwischenwelt. I've linked the tracks below for you to make up your own minds about. This link will bring you to a page grab of their original MySpace from the always useful Wayback Machine and here is a short piece I wrote about them previously (to go further down the rabbit hole type their name in the DRL search box and take it from there!). In case you wondered, their name comes from Emmy Noether, who was an influential German mathematician known for her ground-breaking contributions to abstract algebra and theoretical physics.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Der Zyklus 'H2 Region' included in the 808 Box and more

There is an exclusive track by Der Zyklus, 'H2 Region', included in the just released 808 Box aka Third Time Capsule on Alek Stark's  Fundamental Records. This is an 8X12" release of various artists with more than 50 tracks and lots of extra goodies. The Der Zyklus record is one of the extras of the box and is said to be 180 gram and one sided with glow in the dark artwork. This video link includes the original and the Alek Stark remodel. You can also listen to a 3 minute edit of the Der Zyklus track on Soundcloud. Zwischenwelt members Penelope Martin and Beta Evers also have tracks included in the box set. Much more information on this sure to highly collectable release here. Helpfully the following text about the 'H2 Region' accompanies the track on Soundcloud.

An H II region is a large, low-density cloud of partially ionized gas in which star formation has recently taken place. The short-lived blue stars forged in these regions emit copious amounts of ultraviolet light that ionize the surrounding gas. H II regions—sometimes several hundred light-years across—are often associated with giant molecular clouds. The first known H II region was the Orion Nebula, which was discovered in 1610 by Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc.

H II regions are named for the large amount of ionised atomic hydrogen they contain, referred to as H II, pronounced H-two by astronomers (an H I region being neutral atomic hydrogen, and H2 being molecular hydrogen). Such regions have extremely diverse shapes, because the distribution of the stars and gas inside them is irregular. They often appear clumpy and filamentary, sometimes showing bizarre shapes such as the Horsehead Nebula. H II regions may give birth to thousands of stars over a period of several million years. In the end, supernova explosions and strong stellar winds from the most massive stars in the resulting star cluster will disperse the gases of the H II region, leaving behind a cluster of birthed stars such as the Pleiades.

Dopplereffekt played their debut live show in Tel Aviv, Israel on 11th December which I only found out about afterwards. Nice poster though, below.

On the DRL Facebook I've been collecting Drexciya's press releases, amongst other things, in a public album. So far, thanks to other fans, there are 11, if you have others please scan and send it my way via FB or the email at the top of this page. My efforts were rewarded with a small piece at Fact Magazine.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Zwischenwelt LP reissue, Dopplereffekt live and more

Clone will be reissuing Zwischenwelt's debut album, Paranormale Activitat, for the first time on vinyl on their Clone Aqualung Series. Clone announced this pretty much the same day as their Clarence G reissue so I've waited until the dust and excitement about that has settled somewhat to do a piece about it here. The record is due sometime in December 2015 and was originally released by Rephlex in 2011 on CD only (the planned double vinyl was cancelled for some reason). Sadly the always incredible Rephlex is no longer in operation since then and their catalogue, including releases by Transllusion, Dopplereffekt and Arpanet, is out of press. Hopefully these records might also get to be reissued by another label someday but in the meantime samples from all of the songs from the Zwischenwelt album can be heard and it can be pre-ordered now from this Clone shop link as well as other places online Samples of the tracks are up on the Clone Soundcloud as well. There is also a new video made by member Susana Correia for 'Clairvoyant' from the album which can be viewed here.

Here's hoping this incredible album will get a new lease of life and maybe there will even be new music from this interesting project in the future. Zwischenwelt started as the second of Heinrich Mueller's collaborative MySpace projects in 2007 and featured Beta Evers, Penelope Martin and Susana Correia. They were quite active with new tracks and videos within this first year and there was enough material for me to write quite an extensive article for DRL about them at the end of 2008. For latest info check the Zwischenwelt Facebook page here.

I know of three Dopplereffekt live shows scheduled for November starting with what looks like a really interesting festival event in Paris on 14th November, then club shows in London on 19th and the Netherlands on the 27th.

Zerkalo's Victoria Lukas has been very busy in the studio and has two new tracks with Manfred Kovacic, 'Little Beliefs' and 'Four & a Hair' online. More are promised and they have set up a YouTube channel for this project. Her latest collaboration with Jauzas The Shining can also be viewed with a brilliantly simple video made by Lukas at this link.

While it has been up a long time now I haven't shared it here before that Drexciya's 'Dr. Blowfins Experiment' can be heard at this YouTube link. This 1997 12", Uncharted, was only available from the actual UR record store on the Somewhere in Detroit label and is now very rare. This track is off the hook by the way and was not included on the Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller compilations which is why it is still worth big bucks on Discogs (one has sold there for over 400 euro). This video also includes the short untitled track that finishes off the vinyl side.

I'm really pleased with the response and reach of the DRL Facebook (over 500 likes so far, thanks) and am glad I happened to launch it at such an interesting time with the new Der Zyklus EP and these latest reissues so there has been lots of new and old stuff to post there. Check it out.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Clarence G reissued by Clone

After 24 years Clone will be reissuing what they themselves are calling "previously one of the unaffordable holy grails of Detroit techno", the one and only Clarence G 12", Hyperspace Sound Lab, produced by James Stinson! So far they are listing it as upcoming but their Soundcloud link to samples of all the tracks list the release date as 1/12/15. You can listen to samples of all four tracks at this Clone shop link as well. The release will be coming out on their Drexciya and related sub-label, Clone Aqualung Series. Previously this record has sold for up to just over 700 euro on Discogs and possibly more on eBay so this is your chance to get it for a much more affordable price and in mint condition. The label artwork is the same with just the Clone address added in the same font. This is a very sweet release for the fans I must say and confirmation, if it were needed, that Stinson's production work as Drexciya and under his other aliases is truly revered in the 21st Century. It will be very hard to top this as far as reissues go, what could possibly be left over from the early days? I have previously written an in-depth piece about Clarence G here. Video for 'Data Transfer' from it below.

Since 2003 Clone have been doing fantastic work re-releasing important pieces of the Drexciyan discography, first with the L.A.M. (Life After Mutation) Balance of Terror 12" which was produced by both Stinson and Donald just prior to Drexciya in 1992 and originally released on Robert Hood's Hardwax label. The same year they also reissued the sole and self-titled Glass Domain 12" which was produced by Gerald Donald and had been released on his own Pornophonic Sound Disc label in 1992. In 2006 they reissued some Der Zyklus tracks on a new 12" and in 2007 they did a reissue of Dopplereffekt's classic Gesamtkunswerk compilation from 1999. Then from 2011 they began releasing what would turn out to be a four part series, Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller, which featured a selection of Drexciya's music from 1992 to 1997 or thereabouts (it included unreleased material). But even before this they had built a relationship with the group and released albums by Drexciya (Grava 4), Der Zyklus (Biometry), Lab Rat XL (Mice or Cyborg) and even a 12" by The Other People Place 12".

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

X-Ternal Pulse - Crossphaze (1993)

X-Ternal pulse were a mysterious one-off and one track project involving Drexciya released on Dan Bell's Accelerate label in 1993 on The Silicon Ghetto EP Vol.3. I briefly mentioned this in a very early post back in 2005 about some of Drexciya and Heinrich Mueller's lesser known aliases but I never revisited the subject until now. It is a rare 12" these days which I don't have a copy of myself so when I went looking for the track, Crossphaze, on YouTube I was kind of surprised it wasn't there by now. I did however locate a 2 minute extract from a Podcast mix by Brendan M. Gillen of Ectomorph and thought it was worth archiving even this fragment on YouTube for more easy access by all. It does give a good feel for the track at least and hopefully someone will upload the full length version someday and I can link to it from this post. The full length is now up and can be viewed at this link. For the mix text Gillen refers to the track as being by "The living half of Drexciya" (Gerald Donald solo?). X-Ternal Pulse is also thought to have been a collaboration with Ultradyne (Discogs lists it as an Ultradyne project) but it does sound very like an early version of Drexciya's 'Wave Jumper' from the following year so it's anyone's guess who was at the controls.

'Perspective Grid' from the new Der Zyklus EP can be listened to at this exclusive MixMag Soundcloud link.

Drexciya's 'Unknown Journey IX' can be listened to in full at this Clone Soundcloud link.

There is new mix of Drexciya's music at this Soundcloud link which covers their lifespan and may serve as a good introduction for newcomers. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

DRL on Facebook

I've decided to launch a Facebook page for DRL. I will keep doing the Blog version in the same way for sure but I guess anything that potentially increases and connects the audience for all things Drexciya and Heinrich Mueller is a good thing. The first post is the video for the new Heinrich Mueller Remodel of The Exaltics. I think this is a very good example of what I will be putting up here that might have gotten a bit lost within a regular DRL posting. It's a good video for a great track and hopefully more people can share and comment about it using this platform as well. I also have tons of other older stuff I want to link to that ties in more with looking back on 10 years of DRL. I think this will be a good way to pinpoint some amazing tracks, interviews and other things that people who care about this subject will appreciate. Just like the page to get those updates to your timeline or check in there from time to time to see what I've been posting. Thanks.
DRL Facebook page

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Der Zyklus - Axonometric EP

There will be a new Der Zyklus EP, Axonometric, released on September 15th 2015 on 12" and download. This will be the first new standalone 12" under this name since Krypton 84 in 2012 on WeMe Records. It will be on Zone Records which was set up by The Hacker and Alexandre Reynaud in 2009. Heinrich Mueller has a long connection with The Hacker aka Michel Amato since at least 2000 when he remixed 'Fadin' Away' for The Hacker's remix EP of the same name which is still one of my favourites of Mueller's remix/remodel work. They have also featured on many live bills together over the years and it's great to see them connected together again in this way. There is some sort of joint deal between Zone and The Vinyl Factory for the 12" release with a news item on the latter's website stating that the artwork will glow in the dark. The tracks are entitled, 'Perspective Grid', 'Plan Oblique', 'Isometric Projection' and 'Explosion Diagram'. These titles and 'Axonometric' itself all appear to tie-in with a theme of design and representing three-dimensional objects in two dimensions (an example of which can be seen in the cover artwork). For more on what is known as axonometric projection click here.

'Isometric Projection' can now be listened to at this link and you can pre-order the 12" from The Vinyl Factory. Only 300 are being pressed.

I also found that the below Mueller quote that Zone must have used on their press release actually dates from 2005 and comes from what was possibly his very first interview. He gave it to Pawel Gzyl for a website based in Poland called Gazeta.

Electronic music is based on science and the scientific method is utilized in its creation. Theories and hypothesis are put forth and if they are practical and plausible they will tested to verify them. Some theories work and some don't, but no theory is considered too abstract. All is considered. The more radical the better.

There are no audio samples from the EP available just yet but keep an eye on the Zone Soundcloud, their Facebook page and DRL for updates.

It has also been announced that Dopplereffekt will play live at the Semi-Breve festival in Portugal during 30th Oct - 1st Nov.