Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Dopplereffekt at Sight & Sound festival Canada

Dopplereffekt make a live appearance in Canada at the Sight & Sound festival on 24th May in Montreal. It's the sixth year of this New Media festival which this time is using 'Science Faction' as its theme. This will be their second time in Canada, since appearing at the New Forms Festival in Vancouver in 2013.

As well as music there will be installations, performance, workshops, talks and panel discussions over a six day period from a variety of international guests. I'm very excited and honoured to be one of them and will be doing a talk entitled 'Science Fiction and Early Techno' at 2pm on 24th May. More festival details at this link.

In case you are interested, my own latest art project, The Zone Does Not Exist, can be viewed at this link.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

2002 Arpanet interview

I'm not sure how many Drexciya/Mueller interviews I've missed linking to or archiving on DRL but this Arpanet one with Heinrich Mueller from 2002 was just brought to my attention. The full text can still be read at this link but I've included the Q&A below for archive purposes. If you know of any others that don't appear on a search of DRL please send me details.  Interview by Koen Marien for KindaMuzik.

Why did you choose the name 'Arpanet'?
"It was the predecessor of the Internet. Most of the methods and technology that we experience on the present day Internet was derived from this research."

How would you describe the sound of Arpanet?

Is Arpanet a one-album project, or is Arpanet here to stay?
"Depends on many factors. It would be inappropriate to speak on this now."

Is anonymity important to you; and if so, why?
"Anonymity is not nearly as important as conceptual integrity. If you loose this integrity, anonymous behaviour is irrelevant."

Electro, and especially so-called electropop, has become very fashionable these days. Is that a blessing or a curse?
"People do what makes them satisfied and we should leave it at that."

The album is called Wireless Internet. What is, for you, the importance of wireless communication?
"Man, by his very nature, desires mobility. This technology synchronizes with his instinctual nature to be free."

Are modern (or wireless) communication technologies, like the Internet, useful for you when making music?
"Well, in this case, it is primarily utilized for information: human-to-human interfacing and research purposes. Laboratory work is a separate issue."

I-F once said about the Internet that it's specifically important for underground electro music, because its followers are pretty scarce and geographically spread all over the world. Do you agree?
"It does not matter if it is agreed or disagreed upon. In principle, you must fully support musical work to make it fullfill its task. Record executives, in most cases, do not possess the necessary integrity to focus in on products of substance, but only profitable items such as pop stars. If twenty million euro were strategically placed in the promotional budget, you could make any music work. You must remember the boy bands and girl groups are forced down your throat by the media giants, fueled by record company donations."

What do you think of the following statement?
"It's not the technology that matters; It's the way people use it. All technology has limitations; that's why it has to be constantly upgraded and eventually replaced when more efficient and flexible options surface. This also applies to its human operators."

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dopplereffekt RA interview

Sometimes it is more effective to conceal topics under the guise of more pleasant euphemisms to mitigate the urgency, to tranquilize a subject and to allow him to relish his musical experience more comfortably.

There is a brand new interview with both members of Dopplereffekt up now at this Resident Advisor link

Friday, February 14, 2014

Visonia et Dopplereffekt 'Die Reisen'

I first mentioned Dopplereffekt's collaboration with Visonia in January 2013 and finally the official release on 12” clear vinyl and digital download on the Last Known Trajectory label is available. An album, which will also include the Dopplereffekt track, is still promised. All three tracks from it, including Dopplereffekt's 'Die Reisen' (Travel) were all available to listen to online however and this remains the case, latest working links below.

Visonia appears to be a talented Chilean producer called Nicolas Estany who has a knack for moody and very stylish electro with a heart. His two tracks on the EP are 'Impossible Romance' and 'Antarctic Love'. Mueller's contribution or collaboration is much more dark, even nightmarish in comparison. After a lovely scratchy and effecting opening section a really insistent, to die for and familiar beat and bassline locks in for the remainder of the track. There are some lovely distorted keyboards lines played over this as the whole track builds in a very organic way. It does tend to balance the other more uptempo tracks on the EP and whets the appetite for any more collaborations or extra curricular activities Mueller might get up to in the future.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dopplereffekt Live Spring 2014

Dopplereffekt are getting quite active on the live front again so I thought I would share some of their upcoming dates I know of. They also just played in Belgium with The Hacker at Modfest and I was sent this picture and video links for it, thanks.

They will be playing live again with The Hacker on the bill in Paris, France on 15/2/14

They will be in Glasgow for their most recent label Leisure System on 28/2/14 on a great bill.

Finally for now they will be on another impressive one-day festival bill in Amsterdam on 1/3/14

To get a flavour of Dopplereffekt 2014 style you could check out these videos from Modfest.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rough Days for Diamond Trade Dopplereffekt remix

There is a Dopplereffekt remix of ‘Somehow’ by Rough Days for Diamond Trade on their Somehow Remixed on the Looking Forward label. It looks like a download only which came out in September and was just brought to my attention. It can be listened to at this SoundCloud link and can be downloaded at many places including this Juno link.

There is what might be an official video for 'Gene Silencing' from Dopplereffekt's latest EP on Leisure System at this link.
There is also a pretty good live video of Dopplereffekt in Amsterdam from September 2013 at this link.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Heinrich Mueller remix of ARD2 Night Lights

On the new ARD2 12”, Night Lights, on SETI, there is a Heinrich Mueller remix/remodel of 'Closed Timelike Curve Restructure'. Out now.

I found this blurb about it…SETI recordings tune in to a new ArD2 transmission. With the title night lights this 5 track EP explores the dystopian ArD2 universe with 4 tracks that go from the atmospheric low tempo beats to the heavy bass club orientated records. Additionally the EP contains a Heinrich Mueller guest appearance remixing one of the tracks found in the record. ArD2 is an electronic music project based in George Orwells novel 1984 that combines music and sounds instead of words to tell a story set in a near future. Project developed by producers Penelope Martin (Zwischenwelt, NRSB-11) and Ekis along with visual distorter Desh.

Soundcloud snippets of all the tracks are linked at the groups website.

Worldwide distribution is by Rubadub and the following links are just some of the shops selling it


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